Nastro. Say Yes To IT event

Last weekend I was invited to take part to the Nastro Azzurro Say Yes To IT event, organised by the romans Snob Production, at Teatro Parenti in Milan.

My artwork “Benedetto sia il tuo cuore” was selected by art reviewer and curator Gianluca Marziani to be shown in the “Urban” art branch.

Romina Iannuzzi for Nastro Say Yes To IT

“Psyco Circus” by Marco Brunelli

Gadgets 100% handmade by Doppio Tratto

Knitting by Alessandra Roveda


About Lil' Ro the curious thing

I just moved back to Rome (ITA) after 3 years in Vienna (AUT). Basically I love to learn every day and get to know as much as possible of life, world and my biggest passion: art. Travelling the world while working as graphic designer and artist would be like a dream coming true to me. TOI TOI TOI!
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