I love..


I was thinking about the new tattoos i’m getting, deciding what-where-when, and jumped into this great website, about Scott Campbell, an awesome tattoo artist based in NY.

A lil’ far away for me, but it’s good to know, for the future, when i hope i’m going to live over there!

Talking about tattoo artists, here’s one of the most famous artists who concentrates his whole work on portraiting tattooed people. Shawn Barber

By the way, don’t miss the Vienna Tattoo Convention on the 7th and 8th of November!


About Lil' Ro the curious thing

I just moved back to Rome (ITA) after 3 years in Vienna (AUT). Basically I love to learn every day and get to know as much as possible of life, world and my biggest passion: art. Travelling the world while working as graphic designer and artist would be like a dream coming true to me. TOI TOI TOI!
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