Discovering Vienna

Last sunday it was a wonderful sunny day, here in Vienna, so i decided to shut down my mac and go out. I stopped at one of the first places i knew when i came here. The American Loos Bar in the centre of the city. This place is history (read below) and is perfect for me, because i love hearing american people talk.

adolf loos (1870 – 1933) baute nach einem längerem studienaufenthalt in amerika die american loosbar.

der innenraum ist 6 x 4,5 meter. baumaterial
sind holz, glas, messing, marmor und onyx. in der
zwischenzeit denkmalgeschützt, ist die loosbar vor
allem für amerikanische touristen ein begriff und
ein beliebter treffpunkt.


About Lil' Ro the curious thing

I just moved back to Rome (ITA) after 3 years in Vienna (AUT). Basically I love to learn every day and get to know as much as possible of life, world and my biggest passion: art. Travelling the world while working as graphic designer and artist would be like a dream coming true to me. TOI TOI TOI!
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